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"Guangzhou TOPJET International logistics co., LTD." was approved by the China national ministry of commerce of the national a level a freight transportation company, we are adhering to the "good faith, rigorous, pragmatic, innovative" business philosophy, positioning "to international ocean shipping, air freight agent is given priority to, set transport, customs clearance, warehousing, distribution in a body's comprehensive logistics business", focused on providing customers with "safe, rapid, accurate, and efficient" international freight agency service, strive to become the first choice in customers mind.

Guangzhou TOPJET International logistics co., LTD and the MSK,CMA,COSCO,OOCL, APLWHLKLINE, KMTCUASCZIMHBS,NYKYML,HMMTSLMOLNAMSUNGSINOKORMARIANAand so on shipping companies to cooperate, and with a number of shipping companies to establish a good relationship of cooperation. Division I and APLWHLCMAMCCKLINEKMTCCOSCOUASCOOCLZIMNYKHMMCSCLTSLMOLNAMSUNGSINOKORMARIANAshipping company signed protocol on guitar. Service network covering Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shantou, Zhongshan, Shunde, Ningbo, Shanghai and other city; mainly engaged in international freight forwarding 

and transport operations, to provide sea ( the entire cabinet, LCL ), air transport, land transport, multimodal transport, booking, transit, distribution, warehousing, customs clearance, commodity inspection, export tax rebates and other services.Diversified shipping company through value-added services, improve service quality, service and profits in the two unity of contradictions found in the logistics business and customer win-win combination of points. Through the small profits and quick turnover and integrity of management, to fight for the owner of the contract tariff advantages, in order to facilitate thin reduce logistics cost, the integrity of access to customer trust.

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